Our Story

Raised by local Balinese family with their unique culture in Bali. It inspired MINNUM Living Food to spread the authentic and delicious product that created by only using local sources to support the local Bali community.

Our authentic recipe was came from our grandmother who loves crafted a traditional healthy drink that was made everyday in our “Paon” a traditional kitchen in 90s. People in Indonesia and Bali belief, this healthy drink could beneficially to Renew, Rebalance, Recharge, Refreshing, Revitalising, Reinvigorated our body, mind, and soul.

Started from a small Balinese traditional kitchen, MINNUM Living Food present you the premium local crafted healthy drink that inspired by our grandmother’s authentic and delicious recipe that came from our rich Indonesia traditional heritage. We’ve stayed true the authentic crafted process of this sacred elixir to keep the taste stay the same. Crafted everyday and deliver everyday to your door to keep it fresh and beneficially for everyone’s health.

Now, under the MINNUM Living Food, we’re proud to stay a family owned & operated company. As we continue to embrace our creative spirit, Mother Nature remains our main source of inspiration and commit to spread the love to all the people by donate 5% of our profit to support children, education & our local community in Bali.

                                                                                 – MINNUM Living Food Bali

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